Mike  Davis

Sleight of Hand Artist 

Customer Testimonials

A professional magician who has worked for clients like 

Orchard lake Country Club
The Motor City Casino

UHY Advisors Tax & Business Consultants
The Marriot
Buffalo Wild Wings

Michigan State University
Cochran and Kroll Associates
Hutch Paving
Dipex Plastic
Rams Horn

U.S. Wine Imports 
The Conserva 
Station 885

  1. I can't speak highly enough for Mike in words. His performance at my wedding was phenomenal, all of our friends and family are still buzzing about how cool he was and what a great and unique addition to the wedding rather than having a photo booth for entertainment... The highlight was definitely was coming to the head table and preforming for the wedding party. I would fully recommend him for any event as he was very professional, kind and easy to work with.
    Ryan Radakovich
  2. I had this fun and talented magician in for the Grand Reopening of my restaurant following a remodel. I was a bit apprehensive as I questioned how well he would take to strolling the restaurant and connecting with guests. Let me say clearly, within seconds of arriving (on time I might add) he was out and moving through the dining room and performing table side tricks for both kids and adults. I had numerous guests tell me how much they enjoyed him and how amazing he was. He was the perfect fit and I can't imagine a venue that he wouldn't be able to nail. We will be having him back. Trust me, this is the guy you want!
    Brock A Domerese
  3. Mike was a last minute add to our wedding and it was so awesome! Everyone was amazed by his tricks which were FAR beyond what we had imagined. When we went around to talk to our guests it is all anyone talked about! He did a special trick for the bride and groom and it blew our minds! One of my favorite parts of the wedding for sure!
    Alyssa Snyr
  4. We loved having Michael at our wedding. The guests loved him and it made the event way more fun. He he brought so much energy to the cocktail hour. We highly recommend Michael for any event.
    Daniel DeBellis
  5. "Mike Davis did an excellent job of entertaining our guests. Not only will we use him again, but would recommend him for any corporate event." - Edward Plawecki UHY Advisors Tax & Business Consultants
    UHY Tax
  6. Mike was a wonderful addition to our BBQ/birthday. As he went from table to table our guests were truly entertained by his craftiness. Phil and I loved the "souvenir" he gave us from the trick he performed just for us. I kept hearing..."Wow, how did he do that? He's good!". People asked me for his card before they left. I wil definitely ask for him again and recommend him to everyone. His price was reasonable too. Thank you Mike!
    Mary Rose
  7. Mike was a hit with the audience! He did a half hour magic show and followed up by going round all the tables doing sleight of hand tricks. The audience loved him.
    Paul Myers
  8. We had Michael Davis as our "surprise guest" at our wedding last week and he was a hit! My now husband is hard to impress and was blown away by Michael's tricks. Definitely a great addition to any party! Thanks for entertaining so many guests on our big day, Michael!
    Samantha Harris
  9. Mike did an absolutely amazing job at our event. We held a campus formal at MSU and Mike was easily the highlight of the evening. I have been getting lots of feedback from people who went to the event saying how much they loved Mike and his work. He has an awesome personality that makes him very funny and approachable, and his magic floored me every time. And he was very patient and understanding when issues with the event inadvertently came up. I would absolutely recommend Mike for any event you have that you want to add a unique element to the mix. I was very impressed by his work and his professionalism, and I will certainly be thinking of him for events in the future.
  10. "they made the night! (With Steve, The Amazing)" - Olivoa Pollock
    Orchard Lake Country Club
  11. We hired Mike Davis to do walk-around magic and a show for our office Christmas party. He was simply amazing! He turned a room of skeptics into full believers in magic. He was great at interacting with small groups of people for walk-around magic during our cocktail our and he did a great job engaging the whole crowd for a full show after dinner. I would highly, highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a magician.
    Cochran and Kroll Associates
  12. Great Job!
    The Marriot
  13. Mike did a great job...really entertained our guests...some amazing tricks!! great job Mike!
    U.S. Wine Imports
  14. If anyone wants a performer that engages the audience, then Mike Davis is your guy.
    Hutch Paving